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moller design r12 furniture 2

This is a unique combination of modular chests. They can be positioned as to fit into any room in your home. R12 offers you a world of design possibilities. Hanging chests, side by side chests, or even stacked; you decide how to place R12. With a little imagination, you can make the R12, a beautiful focal point of a room.

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The chest can also be fitted with LED lighting. This will give a glow of light radiating form the bottom of the system. R12 comes without any front handles and it’s name comes from the 12mm radius rounded corners on the drawers, flaps, and doors. Open up the system and you will find plenty of room for storage. The chests are available in various sizes and colors. Find out more about R12 at Moller Design.

moller design r12 001 furniture 2

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