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RIN chair by Hiromichi Konno: Ravishing, Inviting, Neat

fritz hansen furniture 2Though the beautiful RIN chair is the first collaboration between Fritz Hansen and Hiromichi Konno, the result is quite amazing, as we can see. The elegant and futuristic design of the chair may make it appear fragile, but it’s well supported by a 4-legged star-shaped aluminum base and polished steel pedestal. The seat shell, which comes in several colors, is made of black injection molded plastic (TPE) and seem to fit the body like a glove thanks to its ergonomic shape. Hiromichi Konno himself says about his chair: “I wanted to make a beautiful chair that can stimulate and awaken emotions in people. I have established something poetical, simple, strong, relaxed and innovative all at the same time.”

What more can we say?

fritz hansen2 furniture 2

fritz hansen31 furniture 2

fritz hansen41 furniture 2

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One comment so far to “RIN chair by Hiromichi Konno: Ravishing, Inviting, Neat”
  1. SIDD Sustainable Furniture Says:

    Fritz Hansen does some really nice work. I love the minimalist, simple style in these pieces.

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