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Sobey Dressers

sobey dressers 01 furniture 2Straight Line Designs, a custom furniture design company, have their stuff together when it comes to creating fun furniture. Their complete line of products are stylish and kid friendly. With their unique take on ordinary furniture it’s no wonder they have done projects such as Disney Wonder Cruise ship and Princeton University. The Sobey Dressers keep in line, well out of line Winking, with Straight Line Designs’ products.

The Sobey Dressers measure at 6’W x 5’4″H x 14″D. These would make any child smile. Made out of stained maple and maple veneer, the dressers are just one in a line of beautiful and whimsical products. Take a look at more of their furniture at Straight Line Designs.

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  1. Elizabeth M. Says:

    This is absolutely such a fun design. I love it!

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