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T-BOX: T-Rex-mighty planning capacities

tbox2 furniture 2

T-Box by designer Maurizio Varsi is a modular system of T-shaped profiles that offers a stunning amount of combining options. The variety they create can be successfully used for home decor and furniture in living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, offices, stores, and overall large spaces. Born from the union of simplicity and cleanliness, T-BOX demonstrates new exciting planning capacities. The project consists of 2 basic elements: a T-shaped profile and a container cube (thus T-BOX, a T profile and a box). The T-element comes in 2 sizes – 74/20/20.5 or 74/20/38.5; the container has two versions as well – a smaller one without doors and a slightly bigger one with doors. Here are some examples of how flexible the system is, but we are sure you can easily come out with your own version.

available at Tumidei SPA

tbox5 furniture 2

tbox6 furniture 2

tbox31 furniture 2

tbox7 furniture 2

tbox1 furniture 2

tbox4 furniture 2

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