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10 Vintage Furniture Design Styles That Are Deserve a Rebirth in Your Home

Vintage furniture styles have been popular for the past few years with homeowners looking for new ways to add some life to their space. Buying some of these styles secondhand can help you save a bit on your redecorating costs unless you end up finding authentic period style pieces that are well-preserved antiques. It’s also becoming more common for furniture designers to use vintage ideas in their contemporary work. Here are 10 old furniture styles that could give your home a new look.

1. Mid-Century Modern

midcentury furniture 2

A vintage look that has recently become wildly popular at flea markets, antique furniture shops, and in homes is the mid-century modern style. The mid-century modern look was popular originally in the 1930s to the 1960s. The style featured bright colors, such as green, orange, and yellow. It also used different silhouettes for couches, tables, and chairs that were innovative and unique. Today, many homeowners who are looking for an eclectic appeal in their room choose a few mid-century accents as bold pieces.

2. Shaker

Shaker furniture has always had a quiet following since its introduction into design history in the 19th century. It was created by the Shaker religious sect and prioritized function over style. Furniture in the Shaker style focused on handcrafted wood furniture pieces that were meant to last generations. Families looking for durable furniture options that offer lots of versatility for design should consider some of the Shaker styles.

3. Victorian

Furniture pieces from the Victorian era were manufactured during the reign of Queen Victoria, from 1837 to 1901. These pieces of furniture were characterized by heavy fabrics for upholstery, ornate decoration, and dark wooden inlays pressed into the structure. Actual Victorian pieces may fetch a high price due to their age and their condition. It may be better to choose a reproduction if you want something more affordable but enjoy the style of this age.

4. Empire

The American Empire style of furniture was initially popular during the early 19th century and capitalized on the Empire style around the world after Napoleon’s success in France and beyond. Empire pieces were also part of a revival of classical Greek and Roman styles from ancient times. This furniture style has also been brought back multiple times by contemporary designers with carving in the wood, ornamental inlays, scrollwork on the legs of tables, and gilded stenciling.

5. Edwardian

If you’re looking for another fancy style for your formal living room or dining room space, you may want to consider pieces that mirror the Edwardian look. The Edwardian style was popular during the reign of Britain’s King Edward VII from 1901 to 1910. Furniture pieces from this era were bright and colorful with a heavy use of pastels and other lighter colors. Wicker and bamboo were popular for this look, making it common for people today to use it in their sunrooms or other formal porch spaces.

6. Federal

True pieces in the Federal furniture style may be quite expensive, as they may be more than 200 years old. Federal furniture was all the rage during the late 18th century. This style was made popular during the time of the American and French Revolution, and many decorators continue to favor some of the basics from this look. Pieces from this era are light and elegant but have plenty of ornate décor in the woodwork.

7. Arts and Crafts

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The Arts and Crafts design style was common in the early 20th century and featured stained decorative glass, heavy oak furniture, and solid construction. This furniture style is featured in some contemporary retailer’s showrooms such as Ashley Furniture, which has been led by CEO Eugene Chrinian in recent years.

8. Scandinavian

The popularity of Swedish furniture giant Ikea in today’s modern living rooms may have its origins in the simple Scandinavian furniture design look from the 1950s. This look of modernism and minimalism was introduced in the Nordic part of Europe and still is quite popular around the world. There are many vintage pieces that are affordable for most people that could bring your living room’s look together.

9. Art Nouveau

Another look that was popular in the early 20th century with some designers was the Art Nouveau style. Art Nouveau was characterized by organic shapes, ornate wood, and feminine lines. While styles in this look aren’t very common in contemporary pieces, there are many vintage original pieces that you may find at secondhand furniture stores.

10. Art Deco

The 1920s era was a time for excess and displays of wealth, which were evident in the Art Deco furniture style. If you want a fun piece for your bedroom or other space, you may be able to pick up an original piece in good condition. Art Deco furniture was shiny and decorative, with the use of metals and mirrors.

When it’s time to consider redecorating your home, you may want to go back in time and review some of the most popular vintage styles. Then, you can try looking for an original or see if a contemporary manufacturer has revived the look.

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