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WIS Celebrates Joinery in Juvenile Benches from Sticks

WIS3 furniture 2
WIS Design has created a very cute but sturdy looking series of little benches and stools or end tables that can be simply snapped together. They manage to convey a simple dignity rarely found in furniture designed for children.

WIS1 furniture 2

In a straightforward celebration of joinery, the central clump of sticks is supported and held together by these darker green pieces looped over an empty space over what will form the last stick on the edge of the clump, which is also the top of the leg unit. Once the leg is attached, the stool stands up.

WIS2 furniture 2

Their sweet Croquet collection was inspired by the designers’ recollection of childhood games of croquet: the connections look a little like the mallets used to play croquet. Each piece could be shipped flat, and then easily snapped together in clumps like pop beads.
The only components are the wooden sticks, and the painted metal connectors.

WIS Design is an interior design firm that also does some playful product design, headed by Lisa Widén and Anna Irinarchos.

Source: Daily Tonic

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