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Work becomes a pleasure with Bulego Desk by Abad Diseno

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We’re used to associating desks with work and long exhausting hours spent in front of the computer, but a desk like this would turn everyone into a workaholic. The desk Abad Diseno made for Nueva Linea amazes with its simple, yet ingenious construction. The slim angled profile, resembling to a pair of scissors, provides enough stability for the desk and a large amount of style we’re not used to seeing in regular desk design. The board is wide enough and allows you to put on it a laptop, books, folders and everything you need for your work. The angled leg provides additional space for a cup of coffee or a pencil cup, for example. However it is best to keep it as clean as possible and not disturb the desk’s clean minimalistic outline. All good things are pricey and Bulego Desk is not an exception – it is available for $3027.

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