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Backyard Luxury

landscaped water backyard gardening outdoor

Planning a backyard remodel? Then you need to take a look at what Scott Cohen did with a bare backyard. He has created multiple backyard living and entertaining spaces and added a touch of luxury in the process. This backyard oasis features an outdoor kitchen and an exceptional bar counter. The bar was created with recycled wine, scotch bottles and fiber optics cables to create something very much original and attractive. 

 landscape pavilion gardening outdoor

For a little more privacy, check out the amazing cozy pavilion which is located in the middle of a 18’x18′ fountain. It uses pavers as a walkway to access it making it feel a bit more isolated. Beautiful greenery and foliage line walkways and highlight the way out of the area. The landscape has amazing water features, hippo water circulating statues and an elevated spa featuring you have to see to believe. A large 48’x24′ pool is the focus of this gorgeous backyard. Learn more about what Scott Cohen can do for your boring landscape at The Green Scene.

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  1. Denise Says:

    I like the multi-layer look. It gives the feel of much more space plus breaks the yard into small individual areas. Great ideas here! Denise

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