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Kid-Friendly Holiday House for Swimmers

deckhouse1 gardening outdoor
Here’s a house designed to tumble you right into the pool!

deckhouse4 gardening outdoor
Felipe Assadi and Francisca Pulido of Assadi & Pulido Architects, have created a kids paradise – the perfect setting from which to enjoy the view and the outdoors.

deckhouse3 gardening outdoor
The Deck House is a simultaneously rustic and laid back yet modern holiday home surrounded by deck.

The deck encircles the entire sace, floating the house on it, tipping the  occupants out into a swimming pool built into the lower portion, an inclined area that matches the natural lay of the land, and extending up to the roof.

deckhouse2 gardening outdoor
The result is an almost entirely wood-clad kid-friendly home, where the wood is only interrupted by glass walls that open to welcome the bathers back for dinner. Assadi & Pulido Architects

Via Arch Daily
Photo credits: Cristobal Palma

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