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2012Architecten Uses Google Maps to Build Villa Welpeloo

Using Google to find sufficient quantities of local excess unused industrial materials – and then designing a house so as to make use of this surplus available near by – has to be one of the more novel ways to construct a building!

Blans Knol 1 green

But that’s just what the sustainably inspired Dutch architectural firm 2012Architecten did in designing Villa Welpeloo.

Villa Welpeloo 1 green

During the design and engineering phase, they  researched the availability of sufficient surplus materials in the vicinity of the site, using a GoogleEarth surplus materials mapping overlay.

Villa Welpeloo 11 green

The material they found – such as these short cut-off pieces of wood – determined the construction techniques to build the house.

Industrial surplus is often discarded in vast quantities of identical objects like these short, identical pieces of wood.

Villa Welpeloo 8 green

Because enough of these were sufficient to build the entire job, the materials found actually determined the construction techniques and the visual aesthetics of the building.

The result is a far cry from the usual recycling that you see in construction – where perhaps just one or two old windows have been laboriously incorporated into a modern building, in a labor of love.
Villa Welpeloo 3 green
The short wooden slats were originally inside a thousand discarded cable reels. The wooden slats remain serviceable and undamaged long after the cable reel has no use.

These are a standard size, providing a uniform construction material.
Villa Welpeloo 5 green

Similarly, the load-bearing beams were constructed from the steel beams discarded from a textile factory machine.
Villa Welpeloo 7 green
Indoors, some of the remaining construction was clean and new, the cost offset by the savings of surplus materials use.
Villa Welpeloo 6 green
Though the intriguing shape of this sink suggests that it was a surplus industrial something in its previous life, doesn’t it? But what it was, I do not know.
Villa Welpeloo 12 green
The result: a very green new building for a couple who want to use it to store and show a collection of paintings and graphical work by young contemporary artists. And one that sits lightly on the land, having given back more than it took to construct.

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