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A Compact and Self-Sufficient Flotilla of LoftFloat Communities

Here is yet another beautiful houseboat that looks more like a house than a boat.
LoftFloat 1 green
The LoftFloat  is one of several sustainable houseboats that Magma Design have designed –  more open and airy than a house, more like a loft dwelling. Unlike most architectural firms, their work revolves around industrial design in general, and you can see it in this LoftFloat.

LoftFloat 3 green

Unlike a boat, there is plenty of space and the walls don’t collapse in on you the claustrophobic way that so many houseboats do. The interior is a relatively spacious (for a houseboat!) 45 sq m, and it is all modern and open-plan inside, creating a real sense of space.
LoftFloat 8 green

The roof is solar – so electricity can be provided with clean energy. So many boats have generator power using a dirty diesel fossil fuel.

LoftFloat 5 green
I like the simple floor plan. Every space is spacious, and yet the whole is extremely compact. Because there is a long view from anywhere, no space feels cramped.
LoftFloat 6 green
I think one change I would make would be to put the toilet/shower in the center, moving the bedroom/office from the middle to the back to allow allow the back wall to become another view wall.
LoftFloat 7 green
The open front encourages gregariousness with neighbors on the water.

LoftFloat 2 green
Magma Design hopes that anyone could build their home on water. And at a cost of € 80,000 – $111,000 in US dollars – and presumably little or no water cost equivalent to the cost of land – perhaps they could.

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