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A Photographer’s Glass Cube Studio on Stony Lake

Stony Lake House1 green
There are so many, many, ways to build a green home. This one, a clear glass cube, is a studio for a photographer. Designed by Toronto-based firm GH3, it sits atop his boathouse on a Canadian lake.

It is a live/work studio (the translucent part upstairs is the “live”).

Stony Lake House2 green
Inside, light is baffled by a series of seamless white lacquered panels whose reflective qualities diffuse light.

Stony Lake House7 green
These screens can be slid back or forth to hide or reveal the live/work spaces inside, while minutely controlling the light for the photographer.

Stony Lake House41 green
The clarity of this simple, open spaces in the minimalist landscape is delicious. The double height space floods the live/work studio with diffused Northern light.

Stony Lake House51 green
The effect of the clear transparent cube on the matte black facade of the granite plinth is almost lantern-like. But this is not just for good looks.

Stony Lake House6 green
If exposed to the sun, the gigantic expanse of black granite can act as a huge thermal mass that soaks up the suns warmth during the day, and breathes it back out at night.

Stony Lake House3 green
You might worry that solar gain could make this ice-maiden live/studio into a hothouse on a sunny day. But floor-to-ceiling sliding panes allow it to be completely open to natural ventilation. The roof outside is painted white with a special cool roof paint. This prevents excessive heat gain.

Stony Lake House8 green
Because of the site – on a lake – a deep-water exchange is utilized to alternatively heat or cool the building year–round through radiant slabs in the floor.

Just one more way to build green.

Via: Contemporist

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