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A Rustic Vacation House on the Island of Formentera

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On the Spanish island of Formentera, a relaxed holiday house basks in the sea air, and breathes in the perfumes of wildflowers nearby.

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Quieter than its rowdy neighbor, Formentara is the unspoiled island next door to the popular resort island of Ibiza, and offers a peaceful respite.

Both islands have the same Pitiusan architecture, featuring simple earthen structures covered with whitewashed plaster, and propped up with wood.

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On both islands, many simple houses are still standing, made by hand centuries ago, but unlike Ibiza, which was first settled by the ancient Greeks, Formenera was almost completely uninhabited for hundreds of years at a time until the 15th century.

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Here, very, very traditional building techniques have somehow stood the test of time. These wood beams are barely altered beyond just what is absolutely needed to turn a tree trunk into a structural support. Even so, the connection looks just a little shaky.

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Ceiling rafters embedded in the plaster ceiling seam a little more organized for the job, but still have the charm of the island’s rather relaxed approach to building.

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The combination of the rustic old wood planks that make up the cupboard doors and counters contrasts sensuously with the white plaster walls in the very simple kitchen.
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The charming island has very little rainfall and it is thought that the peace and quiet contributes something to the extreme old age achieved by its inhabitants. That and all the relaxing architectural details like these two calming whitewashed steps that lead up and out of the bedroom. Perhaps there’s something to that. Stress that shortens life, so why wouldn’t peacefulness extend it?

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  1. marc Says:

    is this house available to rent?

  2. Susan Kraemer Says:

    We only write about architecture from a design point of view, sorry.

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