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A Smarter Shade Works Like Transitioning Sunglasses

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SmarterShade is an aftermarket window treatment that works a bit like those prescription glasses that transition into sunglasses as you walk out in to brighter light.

The difference is that of course, your room is not walking, but the sun is moving over it, and you are the one that changes the setting to meet your needs, at the touch of a button.

With your remote you can actually reset the light coming in a window. You can program the light coming in; by making the window go from nearly clear to completely dark.

The animated demo is inside…

This makes for a simpletech solution to cutting air-conditioning costs. In the summer, heat from radiation enters the home primarily through windows and skylights, adding heat with the light.

UV rays can enter traditional windows; bleaching the furniture. This invention can prevent the bleaching caused by UV rays. But it is the energy efficiency that is the primary benefit.

In addition, this technology also harnesses solar power and even ambient room light to power its remote controlled application, making maintenance easy; so there is no climbing up into the skylight to replace a battery.

Other than the solar powered battery apparatus on the side this is simply a semi rigid sheet of scratch-resistant plastic mounted in a framed pane that is designed to fit right into the window – on the inside.

Unfortunately, that’s where this idea starts to seem a little trailer park-y. This idea would work fantastically if it was integrated right into the glass; being an integral part of a window.

From Smarter Shade

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  1. Will Says:

    That last part is actually a little misleading. The first product does in fact fit between the glass just like between the glass blinds.

  2. Vancouver optometrist Says:

    Very interesting article… I like the animation to show how does that work… I probably have a couple of friends who might be very interested with this product.

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