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A Sustainable Modular Floating House

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A very sleek steel floating home  comes to us from Steeltec37 which has developed the Ikea version of modern living on water. Not even remotely boatlike, it is almost sterile, it is so clean.

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No barnacles here! Steeltec37 designs and builds custom homes on pontoons for floating on inland waterways or lakes.

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The young and the hip are typical customers, but steeltec37 custom builds the structures to allow for large families on the water or even for use as  live/work spaces.

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Steel is not only durable and water worthy but also a green building material with lasting quality.

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On one side, a shape subtly reminiscent of a sail is as near as this sleek beauty comes to the typical houseboat. Nearly all glass, the lightweight steel structure is securely floated on sturdy and unsinkable pontoons.

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Exterior sliding steel shutters moderate the temperatures inside a space that can be completely flooded with daylight through elegant floor to ceiling windows, or fully shaded and protected when desired.

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Super tightly organized inside, this is a compact 80 square meters including a bedroom upstairs.

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Although the homes can be customized for each customer’s needs, a modular building system with efficient green construction developed by the firm enables them to build a variety of models cost-effectively.

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The simple structure has a quiet modernism that elegantly houses its occupants as they live the dream of a life on water.

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