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A Sweet Garden Home in Tokyo from Ryue Nishizawa

vertical garden 2 green
This strange, charming, ethereal residence wedged between two much more solid structures in downtown Tokyo is barely more than a series of white platforms interspersed by greenery.

vertical garden 1 green

The tiny house from Ryue Nishizawa and Sou Fujimoto drifts in place within the tiny lot, with barely any boundaries, so that apparently nothing but vases, planters, concrete benches, plexiglass railings and curtains form its sides.

vertical garden 3 green

Essentially just a series of platforms for plantings, living here would create a feeling of living within a hanging garden. An adjustable “wall” of curtain, hanging from a curved curtain rail is a shockingly ethereal cladding material for a residence.

vertical garden 4 green

By dispensing with walls, natural light floods the interior. Privacy is protected to some extent by little more than filmy curtains that let in light, but blur the view in.

The narrow structure, with no true facade is tightly wedged between two buildings that are are mostly just walls on each side.

vertical garden 5 green

Because this bedroom is on the top floor, above eye sight lines from the street, the sleeper has some privacy. Even so, the space is more like a store space in the city, than a residence.

A delicate stairwell swirls up in the center of the residence, through crisp holes cut into the concrete floors, further dematerializing the space.

vertical garden 6 green

This view – facing away from the bed indicates that the visibility out over the city can be softened by a filmy curtain.  A light well over the desk makes for a natural light source to work by.

A very revolutionary design that depends entirely on temporary and movable curtains for privacy, in place of permanent and immovable walls, depending on the needs of the moment.

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