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A Tiny Space Made Large

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A simple but charming loft apartment that takes advantage of high ceilings to get a lot out of a little space is shown at Loving.living.small, a blog covering small spaces. Above the front door, there needs to be a low ceiling – to create an entry transition that contrasts with the expanded ceiling height once you are inside. So, what to do with that wasted space? That hides the bedroom!

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Squeezed into this tiny mews townhouse, space is at a premium.

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The huge windows bounce light into the kitchen at the front of the loft space and up off the white painted ceilings.

Notice the thick wood dining table on the left, barely civilized beyond being hacked off the tree. This earthy touch makes for a warming centerpiece in the white space. The rough wood beams in the ceiling echo the honey color of the wooden table, as does the golden syrup color of the rug.

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A fun combination of natural and artificial – these complacent molded plastic chairs perfectly mitigate the somewhat hokey 70’s style of the earnestly natural wood table.

Two colors fill the space. The wood is a rich golden honey color, and lots of creamy whites, not just on walls but on floors as well, bounce plenty of light deep up into a space that gets daylight from one end only. Only books bring a bright splash of reds and blacks.

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Mirrors are used to create multiple sources of light and views. In their mix of style, they also maintain a balance between the uncluttered modern loft style of the living space, and the vintage style of the building that houses it.

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The simple light and airy color scheme of white and gold is rigorously adhered to – by continuing into the bathroom. A single palette makes small spaces feel more ample and spacious.

The retro faucets probably date to the age of the original townhouse (below) and they are freshened up by modern “retro” touches like the pedestal sinks.

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