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A Tiny Transformer Kitchen in Poland

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For a divorced man, this tiny 200 square foot pied-a-terre in central Warsaw works as a resting spot for an occasional sleep-over for him and as a “home” where he can spend some time several evenings a week near his work with his son. The tiny apartment from the designers at Centrala makes very clever use of very little space.
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Barely glimpsed here is the wall from which these photos are taken: a large window wall gives some breathing room, opening out onto Warsaw’s Old Town, while housing all the toys on a shelf.
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When the transformer kitchen is closed up, the room is at its most spacious. The light seeming to come through the window in the back is actually a light above a shower stall, that is squeezed in right by the entrance door. The bathroom is behind the transforming kitchen.

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When it is time to make some dinner, the “kitchen” door is opened, and the table flipped down for a preparation surface. And a nice design touch, since there is no fridge to put his sons pictures up on; it has the must-have design feature of every family kitchen, a place to post the latest juvenile artwork.
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After dinner has been eaten and tidied away, the table flips up to make a cozy living room space, separating off the sleeping area. The playroom area and videogame console become front and center for some father/son bonding over games. Snacks can be got as the evening goes on.

Centrala1 green

Under the bed, some crawl space for storage is accessed through the bathroom. The transformer kitchen is just painted plywood with a simple hinge for the table in the door. Not a bad solution on an extremely tiny budget – for both money and space. And getting by with less space is very green. Sustainable, that is.

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  1. Susan Kraemer Says:

    Ha ha – so true. The design itself creates a powerful disincentive not to!

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