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Amazing Footbridge Slithers Through Singapore Like a Dragon

bridge 1 green

In some places, the long footbridge that winds back and forth for miles through Singapore’s Telok Blangah Hill Park looks like a giant snake slithering at a great height through the jungle treetops.

bridge 6 green

Or perhaps the imagery is in reference to the traditional Chinese dragon.

bridge 7 green

The familiar Chinese dragon motif is emphasized even more so at night, when light from within the dragon shape blazes out through the rainforest park in central Singapore.

bridge 4 green

Snakelike or dragonlike, the very unique footbridge is designed to help Singapore’s stresssed-out city-dwellers escape to a treetop paradise far from the hustle and bustle of urban life.

bridge 3 green

For most of its length the slithering bridge resembles a delicate Chinese watercolor.

bridge 2 green

That is because, for most of the length of the astonishing bridge there is only the barest structure needed to support walkers, so that the forest can remain undisturbed.

bridge 5 green

This results in many parts of the incredibly long footbridge being quite delicate.

Environmentalism comes naturally to the people of Singapore, which has been described as a city in a garden. These aerial structures allow humans to get close to the creatures that live their very different lives high up in the forest canopy, right in the heart of Singapore.

Via Inhabitat

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