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Another Gorgeous Roof Pool to Cool a House

luciorosatohouse1 green
There is something very inspiring about super-minimal coastal houses in hot climates with swimming pools on top to cool them. Like the intriguing “knowledge device” from artist Gabriel Orozco, this example from Lucio Rosato has an almost metaphysical beauty.

luciorosatohouse2 green
In these pools you can bask at a height above a vast ocean as if you are an angel floating in the sky above it.

The only escape from the sun up here is the simple structure at the end of the deck. It is set on the Mediterranean, like another rooftop pool in Turkey.

luciorosatohouse3 green
Beneath part of the pool is a giant breeze-way into the simple house set underneath.

luciorosatohouse4 green
Part of the pool cools the ceiling of the house. Not this room under the pool deck’s shading device, but further back into the house.

luciorosatohouse6 green
Like the simple horizon it oversees, the bare bones shade structure is pared away to just its most minimal elements. Green and gorgeous.

Mmmmmm…  Perfect peace.

Susan Kraemer@Twitter
Source: Modern2

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