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Banq Wins Wallpaper’s Best New Restaurant

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Wallpaper magazine has just voted Office dA’s Banq as the best new restaurant design:

“Designed by Office dA, in Boston’s former Penny Savings Bank, Banq sets the senses swirling with its banyan tree-inspired aesthetic. Curved layers of birch form an abstract wooden canopy above recycled bamboo tables”

Banq restaurant was created within an early 20th century building in Boston that had been abandoned for years.

There are two parts to the newly reconstructed restaurant. In front is the bar, and the larger hall in the back has been turned into an artificial birch forest of sorts with this strange and interesting swirling wood ceiling.

Office dA managed to bypass any structural problems and create a very beautiful space out of an abandoned building. This is a great example of how inspired design can create a silk purse out of a sows ear.

Adaptive reuse of infill projects is a very green way to build. Where better than an abandoned building in the heart of the old city of Boston. And this much wood will certainly form an insulating barrier to help keep an old building energy efficient. But – on the other hand – to use so much wood? Lovely as it is – a bit excessive!

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