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‘Between Cathedrals’ Offers Eco Vision of Religious Architecture

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Sited between two cathedrals in Cadiz is the sort of soaring serene space that usually is found only on private property.

But this is public architecture. Alberto Campo Baeza has succeeded in creating a modern vernacular for a new kind of cathedral design.

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As a public space, its marble floor is just sturdy, simple pavers. As a meditation spot, it succeeds. What surprises, though, is its juxtaposition.

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The piece, entitled Between Cathedrals, is, well – between two cathedrals. Two much more pompous cathedrals, both with their backs to the view of the ocean.

Between Cathedrals is sited in what appears to be the tradesman’s area. Shocking in its humility.

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But think about this: we live in a different age. Five, six centuries ago, when we built these giant edifices, we were more sure of of our moral imperative to conquer nature. We now live in an age when we have so much ‘subdued the world’ that it can barely support us.

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We now have a moral imperative to find a new way to honor creation and to learn to live more lightly on the earth that is our home.

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