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Church Point Home: Being One With the Surroundings

Blurring the lines between the inside and the outside, the Church Point House in the suburbs of Sydney, is a delightful building designed by  Utz-Sanby Architects. Built on a steep sloping block that is surrounded by lush green vegetation the light frame of the structure allows it to be supported by steel beams and concrete blocks that are camouflaged to mingle with the environment. The perfect adobe for nature lovers, the Church Point house uses a lot of wood and glass to ensure that the “outside” comes “inside”. And while the privacy could be a problem at times, you could well argue that people can barely see past all those leaves and branches anyway.

church point home 1 green

church point home 2 green

church point home 3 green

church point home 4 green

church point home 5 green

church point home 6 green

church point home 7 green

church point home 8 green

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