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Coastal Home Rides High Waters of Climate Change at Ocean

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Here’s a good looking climate-proofed home perfect for the future climate of the East Coast of the US, which is already seeing what scientists call “increasing precipitation” due to climate change. This caught my eye today as we are seeing record-shattering floods in Tennessee.

Government data shows there has already been a 20 percent increase in heavy precipitation in the past 50 years throughout the Southeastern region of America. That’s going to continue and get more intense. We need to design for the climate we’ll have, not the one we used to have, or the one that we might wish that we had.

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This home not only bravely enjoys splendid ocean views, but come the ever more frequent and intense storms of the future, this house will ride them out in style.

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In this bedroom high atop the swirling currents below you, you’ll never know that for all human history; previous inhabitants on what has now become Eaarth enjoyed a more tranquil climate.  DRN Architects designed this climate-proof house at the ocean on the Pacific coast of Chile.

Images: Felipe Camus
Source: Doornob

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    have 5 acres in Nova Scotia 500+ ft of water front & just found your sight WOW

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