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Consider Making Dormers Solar-Friendly When You Renovate

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For expanding young families in these frugal times; simply putting up a new dormer on the too-small house that you already have can really “pencil out” – instead of moving to a bigger house – and to the bigger mortgage that goes along with that.

Many roofs in older homes have attics under steep gables that waste potential space for a growing family. Opening them up is a great idea.

However, steep roofs also don’t align correctly for the best sun access.

So, when you convert these attic spaces to add more room for a growing family, think about more than the space that you need under the new dormer roof. Think about the space you create on top of it too.

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This Minneapolis family was looking to add room for their new addition, and came up with this shed dormer addition. This particular house – under its shady canopy of trees, was not a contender for a solar dormer. But the dormer shed roof that John Anderson of JDA Design Architects in Minnetonka created is an example of the perfect shape for a solar dormer.

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If you have solar access and plan to extend your attic; think about the new space you create on top as well as underneath. Ideally, a dormer roof for solar is a simple shed dormer as close to the full length of the house as possible. Consult a solar estimator in your area for the ideal angle for your latitude.

Supplying your own electricity with solar is increasingly cost-effective now that panel prices are lower, many states offer great incentives and now companies even make it possible to switch to buying solar electricity from a power plant they put on your roof for $0 down.

When you add in the huge savings over time for solar, it makes sense to actually build a new solar-friendly roof shape when you build any attic renovation.

Of course, adding spaces to your home increases its value. But it becomes an even bigger win-win if you then add solar to your new dormer. Solar adds $20,000 in value for every $1,000 saved on electricity per year.

Source: Calfinder
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  1. Frank Hanlan Says:

    Why go to all the trouble of adding a dormer without improving air tightness and adding insulation?

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