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Cute Swimming Pool Warmers Just Float On Top

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Here in Northern California, most people simply don’t use pool covers. Yet the wasted energy it takes to heat pools is mostly wafted into the air because of evaporation. This means that heating pools is one of the largest expenses in a home, to say nothing of the greenhouse gases created if you are running a fossil fuel to warm the water.   That is all wasted.

People are skittish about laborious pool covers. But instead of laboring over a giant cumbersome pool cover, these light weight five foot individual pool cover units from Solar Sun Rings make energy efficiency easy and even fun, by preventing that warmth from evaporating.

These can be individually flung out at random into the pool, and your kids can easily just align them together before leaving the pool. It might even make for a fun game. Tiny magnets keep them stuck together -  loosely affiliated with each other to keep that warmth in.

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(Although, they might grumble at having to take them off to start swimming next day! Still: keeps ’em fit!)

Inside the inflatable rings, contained air forms an insulating blanket to retain the heat gained during the day. The reason they have some space left open is that the water does need some direct sunlight and open water to stay healthy and prevent the  incidence of mustard algae.They can raise your pool’s temperature by three to four degrees Fahrenheit.

Now if these only just had a more sophisticated-looking design, for grownups. These are great for the kid-centric family, but why not also offer a set with a more elegant design – perhaps one that makes it appear as if giant lily pads have filled your pool?

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  1. Christa Pirl Says:

    Fantastic idea…but yes, the design is pretty god awful. Lily pads would be great…pretty much anything that didn't look like it was designed in 1982!

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