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Earth-Sheltered Eco Hotel in Alps from Matteo Thun

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A radical new earth-sheltered design for the Bella Vista Trafoi hotel in the Italian Alps earns Italian architect Matteo Thun, one of the founders of the Memphis Group the Klimahotel designation, meaning “eco-responsible tourism”. Outwardly; these are just eleven lumps in the side of a mountain, but they provide guests with great views out and a warm and cozy stay within.

There are many ecological advantages to earth sheltered designs like these. With no “outside” you get freedom from weather damage of the exterior, while in turn maintaining local habitat for the plants and animals in the region.
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Only the huge glass frontages remain as a sign of human habitations. They retain the maximum daylighting and views, and because they are triple-paned – keeping noise and cold out – they ensure that the interior climates are pleasant and temperate.

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Energy reduction is the main advantage to underground building. Using passive design principles to heat and cool the interiors, boosted by ground heat pump to provide energy-efficient heating and cooling, the hotel is designated as a Klimahotel (it is eco friendly).

Source: Treehugger

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  1. Interior Online Says:

    A little bit Lord of The Rings isn't it? Would be a little bit annoying when your sleeping and someones mowing the lawns – unless its goats and sheep of course :) cool concept

  2. andra Says:

    unique, fresh design but How about with the window?

  3. feriel Says:

    hello!i'm a student in architecture!
    i find this project really rich and interesting!
    can i have more graphic files about it please?

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