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Elegant and Economical Solar Cladding from Germany

Sulfurcell Solar Cladding1 green
Sulfurcell, a German solar module producer, has made a beauty of a necessity; getting our electricity supply eco logically from renewable resources.

This smooth and elegant modular glass facade is actually powering electrical needs inside the building. The solar array on the side of the building is also a modular cladding system that is easy to install. The final product is both functional and pleasing to the eye.

These are by far the most attractive solar modules available.

Sulfurcell Solar Cladding3 green
This is a clean finished looking treatment that could be applied to modern minimalist residential design too. It is super-easy to install because it is a modular cladding system.

At Sulfurcell’s headquarters shown here; just the relatively few side-facing solar modules on this “frame” are able to power about one third of the building electricity needs, (the other two thirds are conventionally solar powered off the roof.)

Source: Sulfurcell

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