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EnergyStar Buildings Have Reduced Carbon Emissions for Their First Decade

Chrysler Tishman Speyer green
The EPA has rated buildings for a decade now. Its
Energy Star ratings for building energy performance has helped prevent the release of almost 120 million metric tons of carbon dioxide.

Energy Star buildings typically use 35% less energy and emit 35% less carbon dioxide into the atmosphere than average buildings.

But some of the earliest enrolled buildings in the program might surprise you. Think energy efficiency when you think of Chrysler? The auto company? I thought not.

But one of the almost 9,000 buildings that have earned an Energy Star for outstanding energy efficiency was the famous Manhattan landmark Chrysler building, built when the auto company of that name held such promise of modernity and speed and efficiency; in the 20’s.
The auto manufacturer now leads the world in auto efficiency -  in the wrong direction! Chrysler the auto company has the lowest fuel efficiency on the US market.

But when Tishman Speyer bought the Chrysler building, they upgraded the elevator, HVAC, electrical, plumbing, fire, and life-safety systems.

These upgrades contributed to the building achieving the Energy Star rating in 2008. This designation places the Chrysler Building in the top performing commercial buildings nationwide: it uses 40% less energy and generates 35% less carbon dioxide than the average building.

As the second step, the Chrysler East Building was expanded by constructing an additional 130,000 square feet of office space by using air rights from the four adjacent retail buildings, then finished with a new glass curtain wall over the existing brick facade.

The additional space turned an inefficient side-core building into an efficient center-core building. The lobby was also redesigned and all mechanical systems were upgraded or replaced.

Result; gorgeous. Energy conscious. If only its namesake Chrysler would do as well.

Image: Tishman Speyer

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