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Fatboy Waterwall Stores Rain in Your Fence

Waterwall Fatboy gardening outdoor
If you live in a drought state as I do, you start to really pay attention to rain. If it ever happens. Here’s a terrific solution for storing rainwater in something other than a circular barrel which can take up space: a wall of rain storage around your property. A really fat wall.

Each of these FatBoy Waterwalls can safely store 650 gallons while protecting the stored water from mosquitoes and leaves getting in on top through the three inlets, and from algae inside, once its closed. They are constructed of a high density polyethylene, that is protected from degrading in sunlight, and (Australian government) inspected and approved for holding potable water. They are over six feet high and two and a half feet deep.

When full these each weigh nearly three tons, so you’ll want to build a solid foundation. For the same reason, the construction is extremely sturdy so it is capable of supporting such a load. Each has several outlets at different heights so you can hook it up as you like, low at ground level if you want to hook it up for under-surface irrigation or at grabbing level for daily watering by hand.

The Fatboy Waterwall is a great solution for rain harvesting without giving up valuable space.

But what if space is no object? You could do worse than really stock up on those precious drops from among these humongous other options from Loomis Tanks in California that stocks the Fatboy Waterwall:

Loomis gardening outdoor

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