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FSIGN’s Energy Breakthrough: Magic, Chic LED Lighting

FSIGN LED1 green

By boldly embracing the inherent qualities of LED, and turning those into the feature, German design firm FSIGN has broken the “buy barrier” for truly energy efficient lighting with its new line shown at light+building this year.

The low construction height of LEDs makes it possible to create lights that seem like magic, they are so thin. At 10 watts each, they are magic.

FSIGN LED3 green

Each of these individual little planar embedded LED modules take only 1/4 watt to run, this whole light set takes 5 watts.

FSIGN’s entire one.LED lighting family is made with an aluminium bonded body, which helps transfer the thermal energy created into light, for the absolute minimum of waste heat generation.

FSIGN LED2 green

All LED lighting is far more energy-efficient than fluorescent lighting, and is even is more energy-efficient when compared to incandescent lighting. But till now most has been ugly and cold.

FSIGN LED4 green
Each of these designs produce warm and crystal clear bright light like halogen lighting, yet each of these clumps of LED cells uses only 9 watts: 36 watts for this unit.

FSIGN LED7 green
Compare that to a 75 watt incandescent lamp! This very stylish and novel lighting design leverages the sleek profile made possible by the technology.

FSIGN LED6 green
Typical of the power usage: these elegant wall lights use only 10 watts each, yet they have the “color temperature” of halogen lighting.

FSIGN LED5 green
They can be rotated to serve as either reading lamps or ceiling washers.

As well as being drop-dead gorgeous, FSIGN’s warm, sharp clean light is like a halogen light, but takes five times less power than halogens to run and cuts energy use 80%, making these LEED certified lighting winners. It is easy being green!

Source: Daily Tonic

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