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Glass Lasts Forever – Wood or Coal Burns Up

Firecrystals4 gardening outdoor
A company in Paso Robles, California makes FireCrystals® – processed tempered glass chunks that with an accompanying burner system and hearth hardware, are intended for use with a natural gas flame. Natural gas has about half the carbon footprint of coal, and saves forests that would be destroyed by burning wood.

So these chunky, indestructible tempered glass pebbles make for an environmentally clean and friendly alternative, instead of burning hard-to-replace wood or dirty coal or charcoal. You can wash the glass, it is tumbled and worn round.

Firecrystals2 gardening outdoor
They are made of a highly heat-resistant glass that can safely be used instead of wood (or worse -  fake logs) in vented gas fireplaces or open air fire pits.

Firecrystals3 gardening outdoor

They are an eco-friendly solution to cleaner air quality and reduced air pollution because they do not emit ash, soot or carbon toxins to the air. This makes for healthier indoor air quality and improves human health. No soot or ash or carbon toxins are released as with burning wood.

Firecrystals gardening outdoor
There are many ways you can design fire places with them; used in any kind of regular fireplace or gas fireplace or open air fire pit. They are not ugly like some cheap plastic fake-fire log. The tumbled glass comes in an assortment of colors.

Not only are these climate friendly as they reduce outdoor air pollution, but because these are are tempered glass; these will last at least a lifetime.  And longer. There’s definitely something sustainable about that.

Source: FireCrystals®

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3 Comments so far to “Glass Lasts Forever – Wood or Coal Burns Up”
  1. Sonja Miller Says:

    I am interested in purchasing some heat resistant glass to put in a non functioning antique woodstove on top of a lightbulb. Please reply as to cost and amount received in package.
    Thank you.

  2. Karen Ho Fatt Says:

    Agreed. Great jewel like addition to any contemporary outdoor fireplace or portable fire pit. Nice choice of colors to complement your decor. The glass also adds additional sparkle and reflections to the fire- thi swill keep you mesmerized.

  3. Kim Anderson Says:

    Can glass go in the natural gas fire pit, without a lava rock base?

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