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Grid House Suspended Between Green Roof + a Green “Ground” Floor

Grid House green
A peaceful water mirror forms part of the roof of the Grid House by Forte, Gimenes & Marcondes Ferraz Architects, and it echoes a larger body of water at the end of the site.

Grid House3 green
But most of the roof is a green roof.

Grid House7 green
The house is suspended above ground, designed for a humid part of Brazil.

Grid House9 green

It is designed on a grid. Some of the grid’s modules are closed environments, and other ones are totally empty frames… for now.

Grid House2 green
Because of the empty spaces, the trees from the garden below are able grow up through the structure.

Grid House3 green

These trees will then seem to sprout from an extension of the hilltop grass that forms the green roof that you can traverse like a garden by walking on the green roof, which extends the land on each side.

Grid House10 green

But you can also walk across the bridge structure through the house suspended in the middle, or by walking underneath on a ground floor, that is literally the “ground” floor, which supplies a growing area for vegetable gardening that is partly sheltered from the brutal sun.

Grid House4 green

There, under the house, gardening is possible, for ferns and plants but also for vegetable production. With the grass roof on top of the house, and the basement garden on this ground floor, the area’s flora has been almost doubled, while a pocket of humanity can survive, sandwiched in the middle between two layers of green.

Grid House6 green
For such a rustic exterior, the interior spaces are urbane and civilized.

Grid House8 green

Even tranquil, sandwiched between two green spaces, the green roof and the green gardens underneath.

If there is a way for humans to live the civilized life that we humans like, while not obliterating too much of nature in the process, this is how to do it.

Source: Space Invading

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  1. eventagentur berlin Says:

    I always like when architecture gets combined with the nature. Here its really well done. So, thumps up for this house. Im jelous. Want to have a house like this one day…

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