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Here’s a Novel Green-Building Material: Water!

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Water may not be the first thing you think of when you are looking for a sound building material, but Nichols Brosch Wurst Wolfe and Associates has just won third place in the Miami Water Box competition for designing a structure using it.

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The floating platform is a sound stage for concerts. When there are no musicians on it ready to perform, the water simply falls on all four sides, creating a curtained space, suggesting a theater with the curtains ready to rise.
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The water can be directed to create privacy screens within the cube, providing space for costuming changes, and to deliver the next set of performers.

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The unique quality of water to absorb and mask sound and it’s amazing reflective and refractive qualities allow it to enhance the experience with displays.

A simple steel cube shape is outlined in steel pipes holding a plexiglass reservoir along the top edges. Water is pumped up the corner pipes and then gravity + water naturally create the “walls” as water flows down over the edge, back into the bay.

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When the performance starts, the front “curtain” is dammed off, so that it appears that the curtain has risen, and a huge image of the performers can be projected up on all three of the remaining sides, ensuring that spectators on both banks can see the performance.
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And between performances, the cube is just a simple manmade water cube, looking like a modern version of a fountain, and reminiscent of all the other ways that we have used water through history, as fountains, and by redirecting its flows, as a source of energy, or for irrigation.

Until this rather novel use of water as a sound stage, though, water has not been used as an actual building material.

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  1. Paolo Says:

    How do you stop water from spraying into onstage equipment when there are gusts of wind?

  2. Susan Kraemer Says:

    Hmmm… good question

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