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Home is White Cube With Grass Roof

Here’s a really interesting idea.
outtrialhouse3 green
Build a huge white box house, and take the lawn it displaces and just move it up a level.

outtrialhouse2 green
Literally “carve out” a piece of the grass-covered site that is used by the building footprint, move it up and treat it as the roofing. Then arrange all the usual required functions 0f the house underneath.

outtrialhouse4 green
What is most extraordinary about this design, though, is that the huge grass roof is only accessible from inside the house, up these internal grass stairs.

outtrialhouse1 green

The newly-created roof “deck” space has all the advantages of an outer garden while remaining a safe, internal zone “within” the building.

This structure is not as it first appears; an earthsheltered house tucked into a grassy mound, with a grass stairway entrance down into the house.

outtrialhouse5 green
It is actually a completely freestanding box shape house. Albeit – with a private grass stairway to a grass roof in the middle of the house! Here you can see the underside of the grass stairway coming down from the roof.

This is a completely original design for a house.

By the Polish architectural firm KWK Promes in Ksiazenice, Poland.

Via Contemporist

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17 Comments so far to “Home is White Cube With Grass Roof”
  1. intersted Says:

    Very cool _________1 question where is the main door (at ground level) ??

  2. HDF Says:

    @intersted – good question.. looks like its at the bottom.

  3. Evan Says:

    Must be a bitch to carry a lawn mower up there.

  4. Ron Johnson Says:

    how do you get the mower up to the roof?

  5. skraemer Says:

    Yeah, the door is at ground level. I thought it was set into a hill, but the whole thing is freestanding.

    As to the mower, I noticed that it has a building on the roof, maybe that is the gardening tool shed.

    But even better, like google, why not have some goats live up there to take care of mowing the grass?

  6. Brian Says:

    Add a garden and some cattle, and you have Farm over Function.

  7. ashogo Says:

    Japan is way ahead on this stuff; they have entire gardens built on the roofs of 15-story offices for their employees to use. This is a cool design though.

  8. 2many morons 2count Says:

    House with grass on the roof, stupid. As FOR (not to) the mower, goats don’t “mow” anything, you are a moron.

  9. Lone Says:

    Great looking house. Love to have a dinner or something on the roof.

    2many morons 2count –
    Your going to have to do better than that.
    Having that grass (and the soil it grows in) on the roof makes for great, natural insulation all year long and it also does a small aesthetic service to the landscape (if only superficially in this case). And they were making a joke about the goats, don’t see what was hard about understanding that. Even if you did have them they’d at least keep weeds and other irritants down which is half of maintaining a lawn.

    Japan’s been doing this for awhile because they’ve been in a urban land crisis for several decades. Could go back a few thousand years pointing out whose been putting gardens on top of their homes. The house is in Poland, where that issue isnt present to any real degree, so a plan like this sticks out.

  10. Hoodwink Says:

    This kind of home (if built into the hillside, or totally underground w/skylights) would be a great solution for those of us in CA, or Austrailia, where wildfires seem to occur with greater frequency, every year! Use black/dark grey cement, instead of white, to keep from having to re-paint, and install some fire-rated steel, roll-down window protection (maybe even one that rolls across the stair entry way, to keep the fire above), and you are good to go!

  11. Stump Man Says:

    Growing grass is pointless. Grow Food!

  12. babs60645 Says:

    I’d go with a vegetable garden, weight restrictions permitting, or a wildflower/butterfly/hummingbird garden to minimize maintenance. In any case, a few bee hives on the roof would work if the neighboring flora could support them.
    A grass lawn on the roof demands too much care i.e. watering, mowing, yadda yadda..Goats eat grass, but they are too noisy, smelly, and mischievous for my taste. But then, grilled goat ain’t bad, provided enough barbecue sauce.

  13. Susan Kraemer Says:

    Now there’s a really practical idea! Veggie garden and annual goat festival.

  14. Holly Says:

    OMG! this house is so cool. I used this in a house a designed for an assignmnet. Worked really well!

  15. boniface Says:

    Firstly introduce myself , i am boniface undergraduate student from MALAYSIA .
    I love this design that growing the grass on the roof and staircase … and how about the maintenance ? Is it costly ?

  16. Weybridge Says:

    Fantastic structure but the planning side of it in our area (London) would be a pain. I would love to able to be let loose and build a property like this. Great photos by the way.

  17. Ben Says:

    Lovely structure and awesome design .

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