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Hotel Aire de Bardenas for the Futuristic Traveler

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Way out in the middle of nowhere, by the Bardenas Reales National Park and Biosphere Reserve in Tudela, Spain, a strange, futuristic, young and hip hotel suggests the surrealistic future of travel destinations.

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Imaginative Barcelona architects Emiliano Lopez and Mónica Rivera saved money by building their isolated Hotel Aire de Bardenas in a wheat field outside the old town of Tudela.

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Using the simplest of materials, they reused produce boxes from local farms stacked up to form a wind break.

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Ensconced within this great plain, the reused produce boxes on each side of the guests’ sitting area delineates a little boundary.

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Individual rooms are accessed directly from the vast open expanse outside.

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But once protected inside, you can spy on the lonely beauty of the desert, sunrise, moon, stars amid its unique architecture and design.

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The strange grouping of hotel rooms in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by wheat fields is very far removed from the usual markers of the typical scenic delights that surround hotels, either in the city, or out of it.

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Each little habitable window looks out on what appears to be a vast lunar landscape.
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This strange view out creates a strange sense of having been dropped down onto a lunar colony.

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But despite an invitation for respite from the hot winds – in a birdbath for bathing in on the stifling hotel terrace – a sense of claustrophobia is ever-present.

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Yet the Hotel Aire de Bardenas is a four star hotel with 22 rooms including four deluxe suites, and the clean lines and sleek, powder-coated steel interiors balance the rough world outside, is the winner of 21 design awards and is now a favorite among the hip travel set.

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    Love the bay window and the cushions with the outdoor bath…

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