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Jumbo Jet is Recycled Into a Hotel

We’ve all seen hundreds of recycled shipping containers being recommissioned as green sustainable recycled buildings. But with rising gas prices last summer, a lot of airlines were grounded, and far fewer now ply the skies with a smaller load of passengers. What to do with these massive structures? They are many of them simply parked in a massive airline industry recycling center in the desert.
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But here’s…

… the first example of one being recycled for reuse, in Sweden. This decommissioned 747 jumbo jet last flew in 2002. It has been repurposed as a hotel. There are 85 beds in total, among 25 rooms. Most of the rooms contain 3 bunk beds each except for ultimate master bedroom luxury suite in the cockpit.
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There is a cafe and an observation deck situated outdoors along one wing.

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The bathrooms with showers are bigger and more comfortable than your standard airplane bathroom.

The prices at the hostel range from around $40 US for a dorm room These bargain basement prices even include breakfast in the morning with a heck of a view.

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If you are blessed with a spare $380 jingling in your pocket, why not rent this luxury suite in the cockpit and awaken to a full sky view as the sun rises. Contact Jumbo Hostel to book.

By Susan Kraemer

Via Green Upgrader

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