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Kid-Friendly Aptos Retreat Encourages the Free-Range Life

Aptos House2 green
A large and rambunctious family blessed with six busy teenagers retreats to this very casual and rustic old barn designed by ccs-architecture to savour the simple pleasures of long California summers.
Aptos House4 green
The Aptos House is divided into two sections, one for sleeping, and arching over it at an angle, an open plan living space.
Aptos House5 green
The entire property is designed for an active life of partying, cooking, tanning, swimming, archery, horseshoes, gardening, and wood-splitting.
Aptos House6 green
Both the two storey pool house (with extra sleeping lofts for sleepovers) and the main house itself incorporate sustainable design measures to reduce the family carbon footprint.

The materials are simple, sustainable and durable. Steel, stone, and reclaimed wood.
Aptos House7 green
As if to welcome yet another large generation of extended family-to-be to come, the efficient scrub room sink is set long and low. Durable concrete floors and steel and stone fixtures are used throughout.
Aptos House3 green
The entire wall of the main living space opens up a panoramic view to the yard and the distant coast, using three sets of 8-by-10-foot sliding glass doors.
Aptos House1 green
Altogether, the 2,800 sq ft reclaimed wood, concrete floored and stone house, the 1,600 sq ft two-storey rusted metal barn, and the grounds, including the generous pool cost $1.5 million to build.

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