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La Maison Vague: Lovely on the Outside, But Inside… Meh

La Maison Vague2 green

La Maison-vague is a green-roofed design from French designer Patrick Nadeau, currently being built in Reims for Effort Remois. Like a similar design in the UK, it is a design for an affordable housing project. This green roof mound shape is becoming a familiar one. An entire Swiss eco hotel is comprised of the same mounds.

La Maison Vague4 green
Inside, a somewhat nondescript and utilitarian space in an uninspired open plan is theoretically adjustable to individual need.

La Maison Vague5 green
In practice, it would be a challenge.
La Maison Vague green
It is a useful shape. Carbon emissions and energy costs are reduced, because the design is energy-efficient, resulting from the insulating properties of the earth layer covering that supports the green roof. Building costs are low.

La Maison Vague3 green
Both earth and plants insulate against both heat and cold, helping maintain year-round comfortable temperature ranges. An automatic misting system that senses dryness keeps them refreshed in the event that the weather fails to supply them.
La Maison Vague6 green

It is not too steep for ground cover to grow. The ground cover plants are selected for their ease of growing at various degrees of steep inclines and constitute a mix of grasses, leafy succulents, thymes, lavenders and other small aromatic and perennial plants.

Images: Archicorpus
Source: Dezeen

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  1. Christa Pirl Says:

    I love the shape…I agree the inside is somewhat uninspired but I do enjoy the simplicity of it. Thanks for sharing!

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