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Live/Work Space Will Grow Trees in Dirt Floor

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One of the most interesting approaches to the use of skylighting for daylighting a building involves a reinforced concrete live work space in Takasaki, Japan by Ikimono Architects – that has no roof at all, and a dirt floor.

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The entire ceiling is all glass. Every minute of the day’s ever changing racing cloudscapes, from sun up through the moonlit night is unfiltered by the slightest interruption.

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The shatterproof glass roof is all that stands between the occupants and the sky.

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Many buildings are designed “to bring the outside in”, but only do so horizontally, and visually.

This live/work space is only separated from nature around its edges: nature has literally been invited indoors.

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Not only open to the sky’s dynamically changing days and seasons – but the space also has a dirt floor.

Trees have been planted in the dirt floor that will one day provide a real canopy of shade from the sun overhead.

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In this way, over the years, an industrial site will truly return nature to the occupants.

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The interior is tall enough to embrace the tallest possible tree growth within its walls. Much taller than needed to house the sleeping loft for its inhabitants.
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By night, light is emitted not only from the tall window, but also through the glass roof. One day, the treetops will be visible through the window.

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