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Living Pavillion Wins City of Dreams Sustainability Award

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Have you ever built a beautifully shaped wooden trellis to support green plants, only to discover that the greenery completely obliterates all your work and that you needn’t have made it so lovely, because all that plants need is a secure structure to grow on. Even just a string stretched between two points will do. So why not use something that needs to be recycled anyway?

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This plastic “Living Pavillion”, made from recycled milk crates connected with heavy-duty packaging straps, created by designers Ann Ha and Behrang Behin has won the first annual City of Dreams Pavilion Completion and will be on display in the courtyard of Liggett Hall on Governors Island near New York City this summer. The low-tech, zero-impact pavilion will create a cool resting spot through evapotranspiration. But that’s not all…

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The competition, organized by FIGMENT, the Emerging New York Architect Committee (ENYA) and the Structural Engineers Association of New York (SEONY) required contestants to consider the sourcing, materials, placement, dismantling and the future use of the pavilions – in short – to do a full lifecycle analysis.

So this pavilion also provides both the growing surface for an edible garden, and, what’s more: the delivery crates to deliver the produce in, once the edible crops are ready to be harvested. Then they can be distributed into the community, carried in the milk crates.

Kari Katzander of Mingo Design helped with green wall technology and plant selection and Yunlu Shen of Buro Happold provided the structural analysis.

Source: Inhabitat

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  1. Lightopia Says:

    I am always astonished when I see somebody look at something like a milk crate and they are able to create something like this.

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