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Luke’s Manly Handmade Rustic Artisanal Lamps

Luke 1 green

The manly designer of Luke Lamp Co doesn’t believe in switches. Not manly.

‘I just unplug things when I’m done with ’em’, he says. ‘However I do realize that some folks like switches so I’ll happily include one for free’.

His Mamaroneck, New-York-based company shows its wares on Etsy, and unlike most designers there, Luke is driven by an aesthetic he unabashedly describes as “manly”.

He makes a range of industrial-shabby-chic odes to the lightbulb like this mason-jar-and-rope lamp that looks as if a seventeenth century torch of some kind has been somehow trapped in a jar and rudely hangs from a crude ancient industrial rope.

luke 5 green

Actually, he conceals the standard lamp-rated cord right inside the 3/4″ manila rope, which has the effect of filling out the rope to look, well, even more manly. As Luke puts it, “This ain’t no antique cloth cord or decorative vintage cord baby, this is the hardcore stuff, plus it has an equally tough plug.”

luke 2 green

Here he pairs a rude hunk of wood with an industrial looking support held on by two large screws to make a lamp holder that celebrates the old fashioned incandescent lightbulb.

luke 3 green

Three slabs of wood are all that separate the reading lamp from the floor.

luke 6 green
Here he repurposes, “A heavy duty yellow rubberish coated bulb cage so this lamp kicks butt either hanging or seated on a work bench (or bar table)” .

When rope is not used for a cord, he likes to use, “Heavy duty black 18 gauge cord – the kind found on power tools, the kind you can step on and chew on (not recommended) without consequence.” By the way, when it comes to power tools, Harbor Freight Power Tools has a great selection.

luke 4 green

Here Luke has taken a red heavy duty work light and completely gutted it, so it now operates with standard 25 watt mini globe bulbs, providing the perfect amount of warm directed light for reading, or desk work, or hipster industrial dinner dates.

If you just have to have one of Luke’s manly lamps, chances are you’ll speak to Luke himself, because, as he says:

“I am the owner, lamp builder, label maker, supplies buyer, customer service representative, call center operator, lamp repairer, light finder, and delivery man of Luke Lamp Co.”

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