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Luxury Hidout for the Safari Set

SingitaLodge1 dining entertaining
The outside of the exclusive resort Singita Boulders Lodge is the perfect picture of rustic African calm.  Sabi Sand Reserve offers a spectacular African safari experience, allowing you lots of chances to see the plentiful game, by partaking in exciting game drives with open safari Land Rovers.

SingitaLodge2 dining entertaining
A peaceful bath, overlooking the savannah makes a great finale after a hot day outdoors watching lion cubs roll in the yellow African dust. And now into the lobby for a quiet read…

SingitaLodge4 dining entertaining
Woah! Now we’re getting into some jolly little eclecticism here! Offsetting the extremely rustic setting: that is one exuberant candelabra! And all those busy reds! You are going to have to go outside to cool off!

SingitaLodge3 dining entertaining
Sigh… So. Just how exclusive is this? Well, if you want to bring the kids, forget it. Or, you can bring them, but only if you book the entire place. Your nasty brats might bother the other guests.

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