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Mingo Design Reclaims Ugly Downtown Manhattan Roofscapes

Tribeca rooftop
Mingo1 green

Kari Elwell Katzander, the owner and principal designer of a novel landscaping company in New York City is on a mission. Her company, Mingo design creates a new kind of vertical urban Manhattan landscape, by integrating Green Roof technology and Living walls.

Same space: BeforeMingo5 green

“I think of Manhattan rooftops as underdeveloped real-estate. Building owners need not look any further for purchasing more space, but rather to reinvent the outdoor space that they already own” says Kari.

Mingo2 green

She creates private outdoor rooms, including hideaways and secret recesses; into spaces that comfort, calm and rejuvenate city dwellers.

Mingo3 green

To build their vertical plant-scapes, first Mingo grows the plants horizontally for a few months to allow for the roots to thoroughly integrate into the soil, which then holds the soil in place after they go extremely vertical.

Mingo6 green

As Kari puts it: “Who would have thought all of these ugly rooftops would be, in the end, the possible solution to the Manhattan’s environmental issues…..reducing energy consumption and storm water run off.”

Images: Mingo Design

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One comment so far to “Mingo Design Reclaims Ugly Downtown Manhattan Roofscapes”
  1. Kari Lønning Says:

    Ivy seems like such an obvious plant for green walls. Getting it started horizontally solves the wait and legginess of having it climb! I loved the quiet simplicity of the wall and the space.

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