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Mobile Dwelling Unit 00001 Expands When You Live in It

Modular green
Here’s one of the more stylish and brilliant shipping container homes I’ve seen. Not only is it fashionably frugal – since shipping containers sell for a song, but this one is as cheerful as a bright red metal lunchbox.

The brilliant part? This 40 foot shipping container, which would normally be a very cramped 8 foot wide; travels as a crunched in unit, but…

Mobile Dwelling Unit1 green

trans green

…once it is in place you would just slide out the compartments to make a spacious and gracious shipping container home.

Each of the slide-out elements is outfitted as the familiar spaces we are used to : the kitchen; a bathroom with a sink, shower and toilet, a sleeping compartment, a” living room” unit (comprising a sofa mainly), and a reading nook and a closet. The result is pleasant and cheerful (all that wood and the reiterated red helps!)

Mobile Dwelling Unit2 green
Mobile Dwelling Unit 00001 is a brilliantly designed concept. A shipping container home designed to travel sleek and narrow – yet be capable of expanding outwards when stationary – to more normal livability standards.

And you have to love the ambitious name stenciled on the top. We should be churning these out!

Source: Doornob

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  1. james towle Says:

    ok where do I get one and how much? Complete as shown above.

  2. Gerri Says:

    Thank you for helping me.

  3. Kayak Says:

    Wonderful Containers project ! Very nice ! hat's down from France

  4. anton Says:

    amazing unit!!where i can purchase one?

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