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Modular Metal Tree House Flown in by Helicopter

Turn Point lodge1 green
Sited precariously on the steep and thickly forested hills of Pelourus Sound overlooking the Marlborough Sound in New Zealand’s South Island, this remote retreat for two brothers posed an enormous challenge to build.
Turn Point lodge5 green
Although in a gorgeous unspoiled natural setting, the only direct access to the site for the brothers’ Turn Point Lodge was by boat, a 40 minute trip from land.
Turn Point lodge2 green
Architects Tennent and Brown Architects solved the problem by having the structure built in small units offsite, and then having the components delivered in several trips by helicopter.
Turn Point lodge6 green
With a maximum capacity of five tons, the helicopter’s carrying capacity ultimately determined the size and the materials for the units. The communal area was built in two separately carried sections, and winched together once landed, but the two sleeping units were delivered in their finished state.
Turn Point lodge8 green
Since it is not in use year round, and far from the grid, the decision was made to use a diesel generator, rather than solar for power. But it is still an eco friendly home, heated with just a simple sturdy pellet stove.
Turn Point lodge4 green
All the roofs collect rainwater which is stored in a biolytix septic tank system. This suits the long dormant periods when the lodge is not occupied.
Turn Point lodge7 green
In a bow to the vernacular of traditional New Zealand corrugated metal roofs, the entire building is metal clad, in a no maintenance aluminium that resists corrosion in the salt spray environment.

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    I want to visit this place…no, I want to live here. This is so cool. Thanks for another great find.

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