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Mr Chou’s Gilded Golden Bachelor Pad is Green

Chou1 green
There’s many ways to be green. One of the more overlooked is simple space reduction. Jakarta-based Chrystalline Architect designs a miniscule footprint with no windows into an elegant spacious  apartment for Mr Chou, who adores entertaining.

Chou2 green
To make his guests feel like part of a bigger gathering, the dining room table is set into the mirror wall, appearing to levitate. Fun. An amusing joke. Wood floors throughout are sustainably harvested.

Chou3 green
And who would guess that the dishes will be washed up here in what appears to be a hip bachelor bar.

Chou4 green
That’s because the only kitchen there is in this teeny apartment is all tucked away right here behind walls, right around the diners in this lavish room. Super-efficient recessed LED lighting , refracted and reflected everywhere in mirrors and golden woods, packs a punch, but uses less electricity even than fluorescents.
Chou5 green
It is all part of making the tiny windowless space sophisticated and amusing. The downside to no windows is no daylight. But light is bounced around the edges of this apartment to maximize the impact of a little light, with mirrors and recessed lighting. And Mr. Chou is out at work all day, anyway. Who needs windows? Night time is the time to be home.Chou10 green
The one window, to the balcony, is shielded here by a simple roller blind, dropped from the ceiling. To the right, there is even space for bringing home some work.

Chou6 green
The bathroom is encased in glass but this “hall” wall becomes mirrored when needed for privacy. Giving no hint to diners, a section of the huge wall swings inwards, becoming the door.

Chou7 green
From the bedroom, the toilet is shielded, but someone taking a shower would be visible from the bedroom. This helps open up the length of the views from the bedroom, and really, it hardly matters in a bachelor pad, does it?

Chou8 green
After the guests depart, a generous private space for tv. The closet behind mirrored doors in the hall seem far away.

Chou9 green
A serene space. For resting and reading, entertaining and being entertained. Bigger than it seems. Greener than it looks. In an astounding 484 square feet.

Source: Arch Daily

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  1. mee3 Says:

    Love this one. Would be interested to see how the table is attached so firmly to the wall. Cool glass box bathroom too!

    BTW: The grammar Nazi says that "there's" is short for "there is", which can't be followed by a plural. There are many ways to be green.

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