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New Rammed Earth Design: Tough, Eco-Correct, & Very Chic

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While people have built houses out of earth over the millennia, a new take on “rammed earth” building now makes it possible to make buildings out of earth that are both modern looking, elegant and extremely strong.

Rammed earth walls that comprise both interior and exterior face in one integrated piece makes this building technology waste-free and easy on the environment.

SIREWALL has updated the ancient technique by including rebar, cement, and insulation inside. The rebar provides earthquake-proof protection, and a 4″ layer of insulation barrier prevents any dampness from traveling through the earth from outside.

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A wall made in this way can include built-in windows with a very clean finish.

It costs about $6,000 per wall that is up to 22″ thick. However, that wall includes all the additional requirements that are normally provided separately, like framing, acoustical barriers, insulation, both the final interior and the exterior finishes – all as one integrated unit.

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Rammed earth can even be used to build details within a house. Stairs and banisters and other internal details can be made using rammed earth. Modern construction techniques can be easily added with this technology, as in this stair banister-to-glass detail.

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And an extraordinary variety of beautiful, subtle colors is possible, by mixing layers of shades of different earths.

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The small amount of cement mixed in makes the building durable and waterproof, while keeping the beauty of the layers of rammed earth.

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2 Comments so far to “New Rammed Earth Design: Tough, Eco-Correct, & Very Chic”
  1. Hyper-Efficient Wyoming Home Bucks 90% Coal-Powered State Trend | Home Design Find Says:

    […] These 18″ thick rammed earth walls from Oregon-based EarthWall act as a heat gain during the day, soaking up the sun and releasing the heat when the air cools off at night. Earthwall reinforces the earth with steel rods to give the structure support for earthquake protection. And besides which, they look chic and eco-correct, too. […]

  2. Frank Hanlan Says:

    I was surprised by the Sirewall system that has been developed by earthwall. I think it is a misstatement to say that adding some cement to the soil mix for the walls makes them waterproof. I believe it is the water based finish that makes them waterproof. I would imagine that the surfaces are long lasting and easy to clean.

    One concern I would have is that with this extensive hard surfaces the rooms would be noisy and therefore require a fair amount of sound absorbing materials such as thick rugs and drapes made from heavy materials.

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