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North Carolina Boasts First Passive House

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From Jetson Green comes news of the first passive house in North Carolina, built by Chris Senior, a certified Passive House consultant who is the owner of Anchorage Building Corp, that has been “building green in North Carolina since 1993”.

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Thick, well insulated walls are only the beginning for good passive house construction.
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These are insulated to well beyond the requirements of any US building code.

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The concrete slab is insulated to R20, the walls R42, and the rafters, R62.
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The system will replace all of the indoor air every other hour while retaining about 96% of the interior temperature. The indoor air is kept fresh during the exchange with an UltimateAir energy recovery ventilator and a Fujitsu variable 0.25-1.0 ton 25-SEER mini-split on each floor.

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The seal is completed with high-performance Krypton-filled windows by Serious Windows that have a low solar heat gain coefficient. Sounds barely make it in from outside.

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The construction is typical otherwise.

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The company is moving towards specializing in passive house construction and claims that it is able to keep costs to between $160 and $230 per square foot, which is no more expensive than typical US building costs.

Of course, a passive house costs much, much less to run over time, though, because it reduces the amount of energy needed to run it to a tiny fraction of what a typical US house takes to keep warm in winter and cool in summer.

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