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Old Pine Table With a View… a Simple Swedish Houseboat

Swedish  houseboat1 green

Carpenter Stefan Dillner of Stockholm built this airy, summery houseboat retreat in Sweden’s archipelago for a couple to take a break from their city lives.

Here they can experience the luxurious views of millionaires, from the simple, sober interiors of Scandinavians with more ideas than money. Instead of money, the couple have invested time and love in their summer house on the water.
Swedish  houseboat2 green
The simplest possible kitchen – viewed from the old pine table – is one part Ikea, one part camping out.  A kerosene lamp provides light at night. A small solar system powers the fridge.

The husband and wife keep it simple, just do their cooking campstyle on a small propane stove.
Swedish  houseboat3 green
Dishes – after being hand washed, just slide through the wall to dry in the sun, on the land-docked side of the houseboat.

To wash the dishes, just scoop up some lake water and heat it on the stove.

Here, a simple solar lantern marks “home” when the couple returns from an evening’s trip to get a few groceries.
Swedish  houseboat5 green

The compact houseboat belies its apparent spaciousness inside. Just 60 square meters inside, there is enough space for comfort.
Swedish  houseboat41 green
In the serene and simple bedroom, an old painting of a houseboat from 1800. A well washed, much sun-dried quilt passes down stories of comfort and peace.
Swedish  houseboat6 green
Looking away from the water, toward the back of the houseboat, you can see land close by. The houseboat is like a bridge between water and land, or between summer holidays, (they have them in Sweden, lucky things!) and the back-to-work life.

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